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$ 400.00
 $ 1,200.00
$ 3,600.00

TL65 Compact Wheel Loader
Compact, maneuverable, productive

The entry model in the compact class: Achieves an enormous payload of approx. 1.5 tons at an operating weight of only 3.9 tons. The vehicle width is a narrow 1.70 meters. The advantage of articulated frame steering makes the Terex® TL65 ideal for narrow job sites, such as in gardening and landscape construction. Additional equipment features are a comfort cab with excellent view and two doors, parallel kinematics, Terex fingertip control, oscillating rear axle and automatic self-locking differential.

Operating weight kg (lbs) 3,900 (8.600 lbs)
Engine power kW (lbs) 36.4 (50 hp)
Bucket capacity m³ (yd³) 0.5-1.0 (0.65-1.31)
Emission-optimized engine COM III / EPA Interim Tier 4
Tipping load, straight kg (lbs) 2,750 (6.060)
Tipping load, articulated kg (lbs) 2,475 (5,460)
Total length mm (ft) 4,780 (15' 8")
Total width mm (ft) 1.700 (5' 7")
Wheelbase mm (ft) 1,950 (6' 5")
Turning radius mm (ft) 3.870 (12' 8")
Height, top of cab mm (ft) 1,610 (8' 7")

Fuel-efficient diesel engine

Hydrostatic drive provides dynamic braking and helps increase service brake life

Steel cab with perfectly designed operator's stand. Excellent all-round visibility

Operating controls
Ergonomically designed controls for comfortable operation

Self-locking differentials provide excellent traction

Additional Features
Fork lift operation

Loader frame with proven parallel kinematics

Articulated steering

Single pin articulated joint provides a more stable platform and less need for adjustments and maintenance

General-purpose bucket
Earth bucket
Light-material bucket
High-tip bucket
Side-dump bucket
Multi-purpose bucket
Quarry bucket
Front ripper with 3 prongs
Fork carrier
Load hook, attachable on fork arms
Load hook integrated in quick-attach system
Crane jib with rigid arm
Crane jib, telescopic (mechanical)
Snow blade

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