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$ 325.00
 $ 975.00
$ 2,925.00

TC37 Mini Excavator

Weighing in at 7,870 lb, the TC37 model offers a maximum digging depth of 10 ft 6 in and a reach of 18 ft 1 in. The 30-hp Mitsubishi 4-cylinder diesel engine and hydrostatic drive delivers the speed and power needed to dig, load, lift and place material.

All of the cylinders on the TC37 excavator are mounted with spherical, self-lining bearings so that less stress is transmitted to the pins or bushings. Add load-sensing hydraulics with variable displacement piston pumps and closed center, flow compensating valves and operators have a high efficiency, low fuel consumption operation. Plus, the TC37 features an optional quick change hitch that allows a wide range of optional attachments and accessories to be used for even greater versatility.

A spacious cab with exceptional visibility in all directions keep operators focused and productive. The cab features a fabric-covered hydraulically cushioned driver’s seat that adjusts to the operator’s height, weight and length, plus height-adjustable armrests. Two power touch, pilot operated four-way control levers make for nearly effortless operation. And the control pattern changer (standard) is out in the open and doesn’t require a wrench to make adjustments.

Transport weight kg (lbs) 3,570 (7,870)
Operating weight kg (lbs) 3,650 (8,050)
Engine power kW (hp) 22 (30)
Bucket capacity l (yd³) 54-191 (1.91-6.75)
Max dig depth mm (ft) 3,200 (10' 6")

Boom Options
Monobloc boom, with extended dipperstick 1,800 mm (5'11")

Crawler Chain Options
Steel crawler tracks, 300mm (12") wide

Hydraulic System
Terex 'Fingertip' control (electro proportional) for additional control circuit for work attachments on right joystick, actuation via rollers
Terex 'Fingertip' control (electro proportional) incl. second additional control circuit on left joystick, actuation via rollers
Hose-rupture / load-retaining valve for boom with load warning device
Second additional control circuit (e.g. for sorting grab), foot pedal
Hose-rupture / load-retaining valve for dipperstick
Biodegradable hydraulic oil / ester-based HLP 68 (Panolin)
Float position - front dozer blade


Operator's Stand
Fabric-covered operator's seat MSG 20 (standard version), lap belt, adjustable driver's weight
Operator’s seat MSG 85 (premium version), hydraulic damping, extra-high backrest, tilt-adjustable armrests longitudinal-horizontal suspension, mechanical lumbar support
Operator's seat MSG 95 (premium version), air damping, extra-high backrest and tilt-adjustable armrests, longitudinal-horizontal suspension, seat and backrest heating, pneumatic lumbar support


Canopy with working floodlight

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