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$ 2,475.00

TC29 Mini Excavator 

Ideal for ground levelling, backfilling, grading and contouring, the 23-hp Terex® TC29 compact crawler excavator offers operators an offset boom with built-in swing that provides not only excellent visibility but also multi-width excavation and parallel-to-wall operation. This unit is designed with a 56-in wide dozer blade that is independently controlled form the track drive for uninterrupted operation. Smooth, simultaneous machine operation is achieved on the TC29 excavator due to its axial piston, variable displacement hydraulic pump and motor design.

This unit’s solid tractive force boosts the operator’s ability to get the work done more quickly quickly, while the twin door cab allows for ease of access and excellent ventilation for maximum operator productivity. Fingertip controls (electro proportional) on right joystick, actuation via rollers, come standard on the TC29 excavator for additional control circuit for work attachments. This system also includes a second additional control circuit on left joystick, actuation via rollers.

The TC29 excavator can be outfitted with a quick-coupler system (mechanical or hydraulic) to connect to work attachments, including standard buckets, ditch-cleaning buckets, augers, hydraulic hammers and cutting units, quickly. The hydraulic quick-coupler system allows operator to change tools without leaving the cab. The location of the top-mounted cylinders protects the cylinders from damage during loading and transporting materials.

Transport weight kg (lbs) 2,850 (6,285)
Operating weight kg (lbs) 2,925 (6,450)
Engine power kW (hp) 17.5 (24)
Bucket capacity l (yd³) 38-110 (1.34-3.88)
Max dig depth mm (ft) 2,800 (9' 2")

Boom Options
Monobloc boom, with extended dipperstick 1,550mm (5'1")

Crawler Chain Options

Steel crawler tracks, 300mm (12") wide

Hydraulic System
Terex 'Fingertip' control (electro proportional) for additional control circuit for work attachments on right joystick, actuation via rollers
Terex 'Fingertip' control (electro proportional) incl. second additional control circuit on left joystick, actuation via rollers
Hose-rupture / load-retaining valve for boom with load warning device
Second additional control circuit (e.g. for sorting grab), foot pedal
Hose-rupture / load-retaining valve for dipperstick
Biodegradable hydraulic oil / ester-based HLP 68 (Panolin)
Float position - front dozer blade


Operator's Stand
Fabric-covered operator's seat MSG 20 (standard version), lap belt, adjustable driver's weight
Operator’s seat MSG 85 (premium version), hydraulic damping, extra-high backrest, tilt-adjustable armrests longitudinal-horizontal suspension, mechanical lumbar support


Cab Options
Canopy with working floodlight

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