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Terex® V230S Skid Steer Loader

The Terex® V230S vertical lift path skid steer loader boasts a rated operating capacity of 2,300 lb at 50-percent tipping load (4,600 lb). It has a 60-hp, Perkins diesel turbocharged engine with load sensing, variable flow hydraulics — the engine and hydraulic combination on the V230S offers 8,453 lb of tractive effort, giving the wheels on this unit excellent pushing abilities.

The V230S offers 10.5-in ground clearance and 28.4° rear angle of departure. These features improve the ability of the machine to traverse soft, uneven terrain, making the workday more productive and less frustrating. This unit weighs in at 6,660 lb operating weight and achieves118 in of lift height, as well as 30 in of reach. Combine these features with 5,020 lb in bucket breakout force and 4,375 lb of arm lifting force, the Terex V230S vertical lift path skid steer loader is great for an all-around jobsite utilization because it can lift heavy and reach far.

Vertical lift path units are designed for lift-and-carry applications, such as lifting pallets of heavy material, pipe, rebar, blocks and pavers. Vertical lift path units produce better results in production-loading applications due to the reach and lift height. 

For quick cycle times, a powerful drive train with optional 2-speed transmission propels Terex skid steer loaders to the fastest top speeds in their class — up to 12 mph. Terex skid steer loaders also offer increased fuel capacities over other brands, a 25-gal fuel tank on the V230S, that translates to longer operating times between refueling.

Rated Operating Capacity (50% of Tipping Load) 2300 lbs | 1043 kg
Operating Weight 6660 lbs | 3021 kg
Maximum Travel Speed 7.4 mph | 11.9 kph
Maximum Travel Speed (with optional 2-speed transmission) 12 mph | 19 kph
Bucket Breakout Force 5020 lbs | 2277 kg
Height to Bucket Pin 118 in | 2997 mm
Engine Model Tier 4 Final Perkins 404D-22T
Gross Horsepower Rating @ 2800 rpm 60 hp | 44.7kW

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