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 $ 600.00
$ 1,800.00

TC16 Mini Excavator

The 18-hp Terex® TC16 compact crawler excavator is compact and reliable. It is able to tackle a wide range of jobs, from trenching and drainage work to loading and site preparation. The adjustable Knickmatik® boom system on the TC16 excavator allows operators to work closely alongside walls or other existing infrastructure, as well as drive parallel to a trench or drain while working on it without turning the superstructure. In addition, this unit’s top-mounted neck cylinders are designed to provide additional clearance for the operator to load large, high-walled trucks and containers while protecting them from damage. End-position cushioning on this unit’s hydraulic cylinders reduces vibrations and allows operators to work comfortably.

This Terex excavator offers operators pilot-operated controls that provide both easy operation and changeable control patterns to best suit the operator’s preference. The adjustable track width on this unit, from 39 – 53 in, allows operators to access narrow or confined work sites and adds to the machine’s stability. The 53-in wide dozer blade is independently controlled from the track drive for uninterrupted operation. Weighing in at 3,800 lb, the TC16 model offers a dig depth of 7 ft 3 in and a maximum reach of 12 ft 10 in. It has a bucket capacity of 0.74 – 3.2 ft3.

Transport weight kg (lbs) 1,650 (3,635)
Operating weight kg (lbs) 1,725 (3,800)
Engine power kW (hp) 13.1 (18)
Bucket capacity l (ft³) 21-91 (0.75-3.2)
Max dig depth mm (ft) 2,200 (7' 3")

Boom Options
Monobloc boom, with extended dipperstick 1,300mm (4'3")

Other Attachments
Hydraulic hammer
Cutting unit
Quick-change adapter for hydraulic hammer
Bolt-on load hook for bucket rod


Driver's Stand
Fabric-covered operator's seat MSG 20), lap belt, adjustable driver's weight

Cab Options
Canopy with working floodlight

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