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What is a Shed Pad?

     If you are adding a shed to your yard the first step is creating a good base. A shed base or shed pad is installed under the structure and not only keeps the shed level but prevents weeds and provides a place for rain water to drain. 

     This fall we are offering a package deal on

Shed Pads that includes material and installation.

The Process:

     All shed pads are excavated 6-8" before a soil separator is added that keeps everything in place. Next we will fill the hole with 3/4" trap rock and level it for your shed. All shed pads include a 1' reveal around your shed which allows rain water to drain without eroding your yard.


The Deal:

     Get your materials and installation all in one place. For a more custom look, choose a decorative stone or add pressure treated timber framing

Prices start at $500 for a standard shed but vary based on size, location and material.

Your Next Step:

Call 860-292-6375 for more information or to book.


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