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Premium Mulches

We take pride in our mulches which are made from raw materials and natural dyes, never recycled wood or harmful chemicals.

Decorative Stones

We have a wide selection of decorative

stones mined locally and sorted to various sizes and colors for any look.

Forest Blend

Pine/Hemlock Blend

Dark Dark Brown

Black Forest

Hemlock Red

Bright Red Cedar

Pure Hemlock

Natural Cedar

Playground Safety

Vermont Marble Medium

Vermont Marble Large

Blue Blend

Connecticut Round - 3/4"

Connecticut Round - 1 1/2"

Northern Yellow


Western Lake - 3/4"

Western Lake - 1 1/2"

River Jack - 2"-3"

Amish Red Small

Amish Red Large

Construction Materials

Our wide variety of construction materials will ensure your project is done right with only the best materials so it stands forever.

Stone Dust

3/8" Trap Rock

3/4" Trap Rock

3/4" Process

Bedding Chips

Washed Mason Sand


Landscape Supplies

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